We aim to provide proactive approaches to logistical problems posed by geographical locations, fragmented markets and lack of adequate infrastructures

About RVB International Group​

RVB International group of companies plays a major role in the supply of Relief Products to the governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). We have over 1000 certified producers and suppliers, all having passed their QA Suppliers Assessment Program.

Due to our strong buying power and extensive distribution routes, we can provide a high level of services at a very competitive price. Our distribution channels include sea, land and air transportation, operation of warehousing facilities and a full budgetary control system. Many of the contracts require delivery to multi-contingent locations.

RVB International
group of companies:

RVB International

RVB Mother company with worldwide coverage

RVB Detergent Trading

Has coverage in the Middle East and is the sole importer & distributor of "Green Nano Based Biocidal Disinfectant"

RVB Bulgaria​

Established in Bulgaria and specialized in the development, production and trade of personal care and food items in Europe.

Our Clients

Our Clients

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