Nanoksia, Is a revolutionarily innovation Cleaning Product – killing Covid-19 – using Nano Technology.

It’s a water and plant-based Cleaning Product that guarantees to protection against viruses

(COVID-19, H1N1, H7N9, Ebola, HIV, SARS, MERS), bacteria, fungi and other pathogens.

Nanoksia has a long-lasting effect of up to 90 days, on the contact surface.

Nanoksia produces biological nanomaterials from silver, zinc, iron, and various metals using different types of plants.

Therefore, we provide eco-friendly and harmless plant-based industrial products.

Studies have shown that plant-based biological nanoparticle solutions have strong antimicrobial effects on many bacteria species.

These findings are impressive and encouraging.

We are focused on developing high quality, easy to apply nanomaterials for health, energy, food, and defense industries.

Nanoksia is, 100% Biological / Chemical Free /Low Cost /Low Cost Cleaning Product – killing Covid-19

Because it is a water and plant-based cleaning product, You can apply Nanoksia by yourself or BonBini Building cleaning, a specialized company that can come and applies it for you.

Cleaning Product - killing Covid-19

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